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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) Personal Fanfiction and Writing! No Length Cap! Kink Positive!


Writting Commissions Are Open <3
Thank you for clicking on my advertisement!
Below is any information you’ll need to commission me!

Here is my portfolio:

About Me
My name is Feather, and I am a writer at heart working on my own book series, between writing myself, and working. I am a freelance writer, and I write NSFW, SFW, books, biography, fetish works and anything in between!
I really enjoy my work, and want to improve my own skill with each work I write, and the wide variety of works people want help me to broaden my horizons. I like to think of myself as a hard worker, as well as someone who comes off rather friendly.

What Type of Things Will I Write?
If it isn’t in the list below, then I will most likely write it! I can do pretty much anything you need. Say you have a paper due, I can edit it. Say you need NSFW fanfic for a kink, or a ship, I’m your writer!

What I WON’T Write?
Underage - I will not write children NSFW, non-negotiable.
Non-Con/R*pe - This is not something I am comfy with, it is non-negotiable.

Editing - Editing is less of an intensive workload for me, so it costs less.
[1 Cent/Per Word]

Writing - Writing is intensive work, so it’s my base price. (Editing is included)
[2 Cent/Per Word]

Ghostwriting - This is where I write a work for you, that after I deliver is entirely yours legally. As this is usually for books, or corporate things, this is much more expensive.
[4 Cent/Per Word]

Additional changes after final had been confirmed. - 30$ for every change.
This is to protect me, from people who would take advantage of my time to do hundreds of changes for free products, this is usually not needed.

What To Expect
When you contact me, we’ll discuss details, please make sure to let me know everything you’d like, as well as the word count.
Then I will ask if you want to see the outline, or rough.
If you want to see the outline it’ll be very bare bones, a skeleton of the rough.
The rough is a very unpolished version of the final, you’ll tell me corrections, but if I start the final and you still have corrections after confirming everything for the final then it’ll be an additional charge.
When the final is done then I deliver it, and I will post it to my Archive of Our Own, unless you do not want me to.

Contact Me
Email - pinetreetriangle@gmail.com
Discord - Harpy#9737 (This requires sending a friend request)
You can also DM me here!
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