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Personal space

What's the distance?

  • I don't care. HUG ME!

    Votes: 7 20.0%
  • 0 - 0,5 m

    Votes: 8 22.9%
  • 0,5 - 1 m

    Votes: 6 17.1%
  • 1 - 1,5 m

    Votes: 6 17.1%
  • Get the FUCK AWAY from me!

    Votes: 8 22.9%

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I hate being touched by people. Please keep the hell away from me you greasy sacks of disease. If you aren't in an intimate relationship with me then respect my space >:[


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Sorry folks, I fear there has been a misunderstanding due to the language barrier. Ayattar is not interested in "personal space", he meant "Lebensraum".

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I can be inches from people and not think a thing about it. Movement is my enemy, when there are alot of people moving all at the same time. eg. concerts,sports events. Now I can go to a packed theatre and sit next to anybody, even if shoulders bump. now personal space..... these circumstances 50 ft. I don't want to hear or see you know of your existence. But that is hard to do. seclusion into headphones and my computer gives me my "personal space".


Pepmurrmint Fox
As everyone else has said it depends on who it is friends and family i don't mind hugging stangers stay at least an arms lenght as for Ayattar your as close as I ever want you to be. :V

Kit H. Ruppell

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It depends entirely on who the other person is.


Assuming friends are out of the picture in this and we are talking about strangers:

-work and general public: stay away from me unless you want to talk about a hobby or band or something you noticed I enjoy.

-bars: I'm always with friends there, if you want to join our little clique for a bit, that's 100% cool.

-hobby shops: always down to make friends with similar interests, so no worries here.

-conventions: I am probably drunk, so approach me however you want. c;


Entirely depends on who the other person is. If I like you or you are a good friends of mine, i'm very tolerant. If you creep me out, not so much. There is this guy at work that I purposefully avoid because he feels the need to give me an awkward bearhug whenever he sees me.


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Seems the general consensus is it's situational

Personally, I'm uncomfortable around most new people

I used to be weird about it when someone I didnt know hugged me and I didnt hug back...I feel bad it mustve seemed rude.
...and another time someone tried to go out of their way to befriend me and was a hugger but I was too awkward to really be friendly back. But it didnt work out...

Urg...Im a lot different now so if someone is friendly I reciprocate back as best as I can. I dont know I try >~>

But anyways, I'm not too close with tons of people but if I am I'm more likely to be receptive to hugs and standing closer

I don't even liked to be hugged by my own family.

Sadly, this is true for me, too. My family stresses me out more than I'd like and hugging them seems more a social necessary task than it does something I want to do because I feel that way. Like, the only time I've hugged them is when I was going away...they think I'm coldhearted as is so I want to avoid drama and just do it...bleh
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Even with people I know well I never initiate closeness of any kind. I purposely pick a seat far away from someone, but not far enough to insult them if I know them. Now, if someone came to sit by me I wouldn't run away. Hugs is the same deal, I don't initiate but I don't run unless a random stranger tries to hug. If it goes on for too long I will try to get out of it and throw courtesy out the door if needed, regardless of closeness. The exception would be a mate, of course. When I was a kid I used to be cuddly with select family members, but when I got to be a certain age I was quickly taught that closeness of any sort was vile and it's sort of turned into a situation of anxiety for me.

Creepy people and total strangers I try to avoid as best as possible, but if I were to be in a crowded place I wouldn't attempt to just avoid everyone unless I felt someone was actually going to do something unpleasant to me. I used to hate going shopping by myself just because of the crowds and the social anxiety that goes along with them, but being an adult means you have to do things all by yourself sometimes. :p Now crowds don't bug me much, though I do prefer to shop at odd hours just to avoid them.