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Pet peeves

When your pet peeve is triggered...

  • ...don't have any/no or little effect on you

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • ...you try to keep yourself calm/you're a bit annoyed

    Votes: 40 70.2%
  • ...you become infuriated, clearly pissed

    Votes: 9 15.8%

    Votes: 7 12.3%

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Me beautiful barnet!
A few days ago...
I was sitting in my desk, having just finished an English test. I may have been doodling something or other in my notebook, but that's not important. What's important was the noises emanating form the rear of the classroom. Noises that reminded me of camels in intercourse.
Now, I'm not a very violent guy. I find happiness in peaceful solutions to conflicts.

But I didn't.

That's a pet peeve for you. That little thing that makes you go insane.
So, FAF, what's some of your pet peeves?
Do pet peeves have any beneficial effect on humanity?
How do you deal with the things?

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Depends on which pet peeve it is.

Improper pronunciation in English-class or improper use of English vocab? I roll my eyes and correct them in my head.
Talking during class or during an exam, however, makes me want to shut up whoever is being inconsiderate enough to think that "omg, LOL, I partied, was drunk and slept around" is more important than whatever the fuck the professor is saying. It's only the stuff you'll be seeing on your exam and all. :I


I'm usually a relaxed person, a very very relaxed person. I mean, jeez, I'm the one who's always saying that hate takes too much effort, and it does. But when I get pissed, oh it becomes ever so evident that I'm pissed. It usually comes in very short bursts too. One minute, I'm nice and fluffy, then something will trigger me to snap and just like that, bang, I'm.......scary, to put it one way.

I have a lot of pet peeves, most of these involves things not working how they should or how I want them to...

Whistling. Holy fuck, I can't stand whistling, it makes my fucking blood boil holy fucking keysmash ftr34i;on ut0-c ng7xIt will drive me on an insane murder spree one day, I swear to god. My Dad does it all the time, and I just curl up into a ball and rage and repeatedly say ''shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up'' to myself until I give up, play some music on high volume. YEAH THIS IS A TOTALLY HEALTHY REACTION. I mean, even when it's done right, it's mildly annoying (that song they use on the B&Q commercials, I can just about bare that). But when it's done at such an inconsistent high pitch, it's just sanity-destroying.

Hmm, other than that.....kids TV. Hate it, hate kids TV, hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate. It's like they pay someone to make them as terrible and annoying as possible. I mean, for fucks say, Pinky Dinky Doo. What the fuck? Seriously? Terrible art, terrible soundtrack, fucking awful piece of crap, how did it get on TV? Sometimes I'll do an all-nighter and I'll leave the TV on, and once it reaches 6AM, I'll here ''yesserooni-positooni'' coming from the background, I'll sit there, bitch and moan about how terrible it is and how it's so awful, and not turn the TV off or anything, and I just die a little inside.

And lastly. Latin grammar when needlessly applied to English. Yeah, I get it, English has taken words from Latin, but for fucks sake, we have our own fucking grammar system. It's not fucking octopii, it's octopuses. It's not fucking virii, it's viruses. And it's definitely not fucking aviatrix, does this one even need an explanation? Guess what language family English comes from? West Germanic, not Romance. I don't know why this makes me rage so much, but I just absolutely hate this. I just sit in the corner and silently rage to myself for hours when I see these things. But I've come to the conclusion that I'm possibly being stubborn with this one.
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If I can hear you chewing gum, I probably also have a burning desire to remove your eyeballs with a spoon.


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
I want to hang you by your testicles if you are a drunk retard that likes to scream and play shitty music at 3am.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
When there are only a few aisles open in a store when I'm getting a few things and there's a long line in each aisle.
When people assume they know me too well.
The sound of flip flops in winter slapping against oily skin.
People not getting real shoes due to above peeve.
When people can't speak up. Seriously, if you are going to live in this world, you're going to have to.
Applying for a job online then following up with them saying they aren't hiring.


Pet peeves of mine include people not cleaning up after themselves if they're old enough to know better, people touching me when I clearly do not want to be touched, just about everything posted on reddit, and people who defend shit that is obviously awful constantly and often condescendingly. Like reddit for example

THAT ASIDE, I just kind of go :| and get irritated if the issue is pushed/continues, but once it reaches the point of "I asked you to stop and you're STILL doing it", I start getting pissed. I do not get angry easily so once it's at that point, either stop what you're doing or tense your chest muscles cuz I am about to punch you in the tit


Dreaming... that was an awesome rant. YESSEROONI-POSITOONI

For me it's... your/you're, they're/there/their, it's/its, THIS PEEVE IS FULL OF CLICHE but yep. Okay, it's/its can be sometimes confusing and that's whatever, but dear god why do people not know the rules of you're/your?

You're = you are. You're a butt: sir I do believe your body transformed into two lil backside cheeks/madame I'm afraid to say your attitude is reminiscent of a smelly ass. Your = possessive adjective. Your butt: oh my is that your butt?? It's all funny lookin'

'Your a butt' does not make sense and you make puppies cry. 8C

Criminal Scum

Can't stop.
Thread alternate title: Brazen's Armory

Ad Hoc

Unless I'm eating at the same time, I really have a hard time handling the sound of other people eating. I can tune it out to some extent but hnng. Grown-ass adults who still chew with their mouth open in particular slay me.

Also, driving in the car with someone who keeps switching between songs without letting them finish.


See ya latter ****ers.
*person behind me on bus makes a smakcing noise*




People who quote from popular culture all the time every third fucking sentence?

I wanna rip their testicles out of their sockets, rip their eyeballs out and make them switch places so that every time they jizz they get pink eye!


Here's the list of eye-gouging pet peeves:
- People defending "bi" middle school girls because they still love penis and kissing girls is hot, but saying that actual LGBT folks are going to burn in hell.
- People saying "I love you" after a day of dating.
- Fat girls wearing skinny girl clothes.
- White people trying to act ghetto.
- Liars in general.


Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
When people don't use the Oxford Comma. It makes me sad, but it seems it's totally proper to leave it out these days.


Here's a disturbing fact: chewing with your mouth closed isn't universal among cultures. The most notable exception is probably much of China, where the various noises of eating are considered a sign of enjoyment. So you get the problem of some Chinese students and other recent immigrants coming to western countries and not even realizing that we expect people to chew with their mouths closed. I doubt there's a particularly polite way of telling someone that the manner in which they eat is considered revolting.


GTWT Survivor
when someone is listening to their music loud enough for me to hear it
when someone turns on the road without using their blinker
when someone slows down from 40 to 25 mph on the damn 15 degree incline by the train tracks just past town
when someone drops trash on the ground at lunch and leaves it (mainly because twice a week I have to sweep it up later)
when someone tries to lie about why they were late to class and just utterly fails
when (a certain) someone won't shut up about Magic the Gathering (not dissing MTG)
when someone complains. and complains. and complains. and complains. and complains. and complains.
when someone leaves a tiny swig of milk in the jug



Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
When people spell certain words without a "U".
You mean like "colour" instead of "color" and the like? I used to use the British spelling of words in my American Lit class to piss off my teacher. :p


Fluffiness level: 9002
My pet peeves? Those kids who stand in the halls doing nothing besides taking up half of the already crowded hallway, and refuse to move.


Lavender Scented
Unless I'm already stressed, I don't really flip into violent contusions. However, I can't stand the sound of someone poorly singing or humming. Ever.

Osiris the jackal

Therian of New Jersey
My only pet peeve

Sitting on an 18 hour international flight to brazil and the whole time the person in front of me has there sit completely down leaving me with no room to move. Makes me want to slit his or her neck when they sleep. But I'm a very relaxed person, I've never gotten into a fight and dont ever want to I hate violence but will use it if needed. Plus I prefer to use psychological warfare on people who try to mess with me. So I don't get messed with often.


As slick as a bad analogy
I once tried make a comprehensive catalog of my vast peeve collection; though I gave up and took the easier task of writing a dictionary for every spoken human word. But then I realized that I could sum them all up with only two words: other people.

Nothing that wonton destruction, apocalyptic black magic, and ice-nice can't fix. :v
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White Devil
people who let their little shit children run amuck in a shopping place. I want to get my shit and get out, if you get in my way i want to murder you