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PETA Proposes Robotic Groundhog for Pa. Festival


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I feel like somebody totally needs to draw an anthro of this. Like, a giant groundhog with like, random patches of fur peeling off to reveal machinery. Like, a terminator groundhog. XD

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Ah, PETA's awesome. They care so much about animals...^_^

And if you think I am being serious, may a thousand Daleks exterminate you.


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I hate PETA.

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Peta has spent too much time smokin weed and nibbling tofu to realize meat tastes FUCKING AWESOME. so i disregard them completely

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If they make the robot breathe fire and play metal from its ass. Then maybe.

But...what if it;s made by Microsoft? Or Apple?



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The only way I can be convinced that the robotic groundhog would be cool would be if it could shoot beams from its eyes.


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Nobody would go, and there would go Punxsutawney's only real source of income. I've been there, it's a little town filled with Phil statues and stuff.

I remember a story that involved a chimp bartender... can't remember whether it was PETA or some other "organization", but they protested the treatment of this chimp (even though he did his job without human supervision, and enjoyed it), and the poor guy ended up loosing his job. Can't remember if he ended up in a zoo or what, but he never got to wear his little bartenders outfit, again.


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I'm gonna keep watchin the news. I wouldn't surprise me if Phil went missing before February 2nd.


I'm gonna keep watchin the news. I wouldn't surprise me if Phil went missing before February 2nd.

Keep us updated dude.

And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised either.

And just watch, I bet you all that this groundhog day that people'll be splattered by red paint.

I pray that this groundhog day won't be ruined by some PETA wackjob.


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Should I ask why they are doing this??? jees, seems like if the guy died they should just say it....:mad: