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Petition to Keep April Fool's Change

Would be nice to see more of gender bended and lizardified(sp?) Fender, I mean all that bare man-chest in the banners... it's just not fair. ;_; Please even just for one month a year since it's not even going to be bare breasted due to obvious reasons.

As for the color scheme I like the dark as an option but I also liked the old one.
At least make it an option or keep it, I say.

And there is a reason why other art websites use a similar set of colors...and that reason is because it's good.


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Blackwing Dragon said:
Dragon Fender is god :-D.
But yeah, the banner is gay otherwise. If you could like, redo it, that would be mrrr.
Otherwise, yeah :-D. This is sexy.

What he said!
<3 Dragon Fender.


I'm kind of yell-y. Sorry.

I don't like the theme, and was actively looking for a way to change it this morning.
Disappointing, truly.
(while we're making options, can we make an option to turn that god-forsaken mouse-over OFF?)


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I love the darker colors!! LOVE!

However, making it toggle-able is a great idea too!

I vote keep it somehow.
Having skins for the site again gets MY vote! I personally LIKE the darker look. Of course some people have complained that it looks like every other art site (so it should just be an option) but I say to them: There's probably a good reason for that.


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Keep it as an option for those of us who prefer darker colors. Maybe make it an alternate stylesheet?


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I'm also digging the colour theme for April Fool's. I would really like to see it as an option (but with a matching FurAffinity banner, as much as I like "Bandwith Eater Pro"). As other people have mentioned here, the darker theme is a little easier on my eyes.

Please consider leaving it as an option.
Just a thought...if you're going to change the website's colors as an April Fool's joke, you should've used colors like brown for the primary and bright pink for the secondary/text. Make it ugly and annoying so people wish it was an April Fool's joke. Also Fender should've been turned into a Dodo bird or something instead of something that a lot of people find kickass.

Instead there are praisers. :(


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<sign>I agree! The draconic Fender is also good, but not the phrase. I love the April Fool's skin, so let us keep it!</sign>


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I support this whole-heartedly. I'm not even normally on the forums and I signed in just to sign this petition!!


Nemo said:
I like it. Maybe if we get enough support for the change, we can get it on a permanent basis.


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heh... good thing you all didnt hear my idea for the April Fool's theme.

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Lol the new colors are more like FA's old colors XD Not that I'm totally against it but there does need to be some layout tweaking first before worrying about the color scheme.
I say, make it a style option, so people can choose to use it if the like it. I know I definitely would ^_^

But yeah, I know a lot Ive talked to like it (though maybe not the banner), but there are those who dont like it as well.. so I vote to include it as a style option :D

Daniel Kay

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signed for me too, the new layout is cool... and i´m on eof the few it seems who like the banner, me like draggy fender
I think that the color should be optional, but I definitely would keep it with the dark blue, it makes the whole website easier on the eye.

I don't think that fender should be changed permanently but I can't say no to him being a dragon for a while.



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As an option, I vote for it to be kept.