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One snake one Yorkshire terrier, 3 fountain gold fish...

In my second home there is 3 bouviers de flanders, (plus 10 puppies) 2 long hair Mexican chiwawa, 7 tropical fish


Just a birdie

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I have a doggie ^^
hes part-

American Bulldog/Boxer/Greyhound/Pitbull

In other words, he can out run you. lol. but hes really nice ^^

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
One catdog, goes by the name "Tucker Mouse". (He used to drool, and just before I typed this entry, he was begging for attention beside my chair, paws up on the edge and a meow on his lips...)


dave hyena

A wonderous moorhen
Nothing at the moment, except a cactus...

When I was little I had some gerbils. I have to say, they were kind of boring because they just dug and gnawed things and never really became tame or interesting, despite a fair bit of handling.

My parents would never let me have mice, I was told that they were boring and didn't have a bladder(!) so they stunk of wee.

What I really want, tho' alas there is not enough space at the moment and for some time to come, is some rats, for I hear nothing but praise for them as pets.


aka Koudoawaia
In the house there's my fiance's dad's dog Trixie and cat 7-Up who previously had no real name but I came up with it because she has a marking like a 7 on her face and everyone loved the name.

Also there's my guinea pig Vixen.
3 dogs ^_^


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An afghan hound, a shiba inu, a siamese cat, a pair of pied crows, a pair of collared aracaris, a blue and gold macaw, an aquarium full of some micro-shrimp, a pair of crested geckos, a pair of argentine black and white tegus and many snakes. :)


I have 6 cats and 1 german shepherd ^^ Plus a bunch of stray cats. The strays aren't actually mine, but I leave food out for them.


Two dogs, three cats, a cornsnake, and a couple of other critters everynow and then, everything from squirrels to turtles to iguanas to fish to anything else.

I don't like any of them. I'm just not an animal person. (and yet, I'm a furry.... kinda ironic)


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I have a Male Siberian Husky. ^^


I have a dog who's part lab, hound, and retarded. Definitely one of the goofiest animals I've ever had, but he's adorable. He talks in his sleep too.

A cat is fine too. She hunts my dog, quite like a lioness, despite being 1/5 his size. She kinda has a posture of pride too, which kinda adds to that.

I also have a cockatiel. He hates everyone but my dad though.

I used to have rats too. I miss them.


I've got a tricolor rough coat collie. His name is Riff Raff. He's just over ten years of.

I got fishtoo I tink,


oh no....OH NO! D:
Wolf_Shard said:
I have a Male Siberian Husky. ^^

Me too! Go husky peoples *high five*


I have 4 cats (one's a russian blue, the other three are mixes and/or tabbies), a pembroke welsh corgi dog, 3 fish currently, 1 shrimp currently, and four geckos (a marbled gecko, a golden gecko, and two leopard geckos). I may get another leopard gecko in the future, but will probably not.

I also had a fuisha.... but sadly it died. Annual and all that.

I find reptiles entertaining =]