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photoshop alternate?


Are there any free alternatives to photoshop that are compatable with vista? I need to do some digital work.


Corel painter X for sure and Open Canvas 4.06 I suspect to work ok,


From what I've read, Gimp does indeed work, but the program hangs while opening fonts. You could also try pixia which was recommended in the art forum http://park18.wakwak.com/~pixia/index.html
Pixia is like a very old version of photoshop and isn't designed for image manipulation so much as coloration of manga.
(I don't know how to link things here yet)

Another more advanced program that has been used as a photoshop alternate is paint.net. Except for the gradiant tool and some of the plugins I'd say it's actually weaker than the Gimp, but it is said to be fully vista compatible.

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Google "ArtRage."


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How about Paint.NET?

It's Free and I've actually been able to make an art picture of mine into digital with this. I personally have found this to be easier to use than GIMP, but maybe the amount of success might vary from person to person.

Anyway, here is the link, if you wanna use it.


Hope that helped some.


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SparKitsune said:
How about Paint.NET?
GIMP got more possibilities. It's pretty much like photoshop, but free. It worked on vista for me. But I also heard many people had troubles with it, so it's probably pretty much a dice roll.


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What about Open Canvas? Did anyone actually PAY for that one? It's a decent program and I'm sure you can find someone to send you a free copy of that.


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Gimp does indeed work, but the program hangs while opening fonts.
GIMP 2.2 had to load font data from scratch every time you started up the program, and took forever to evaluate and parse non-ANSI codepages (such as Japanese or Korean characters). I know, I had to set the "-nofonts" option in order to maintain a decent startup time.

GIMP 2.4 seems to have addressed this, it remembers the fonts configuration for next time (just like it already does with plug-ins), so only the first startup gets bogged down.


Is promoting the idea of just getting a keygen and using photoshop like every other poor artist against the rules :| i recommend it.


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I use Photoshop Elements and don't miss the power features.

You can get free demos for programs like Ulead PhotoImpact. They only work for 30 days, usually.

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InsomniacOvrLrd said:
Is promoting the idea of just getting a keygen and using photoshop like every other poor artist against the rules :| i recommend it.

Yes. Being a poor artist doesn't mean it's ok to steal when this is a hobby for most. It's a weak defense. I remember using things like pencils and paper, and not worried about Photoshop. Photoshop certainly didn't make my art great. It was practice. I got better actually using free alternatives because I wasn't worried about a filter saving my work (like musicians, "oh her voice is bad, we'll just fix it in the mix"..) Open Canvas is out there and you can get a lot of these programs at an educational discount.

If you want to pirate among your friends and keep it on the down low that's your deal, but posting such things on a public forum is a bad idea. Not all robots and spiders follow the rules and can make FA a liability if you're just going to encourage people to steal.


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Open Canvas is way better then photoshop if you know how to work with it (personal opinion) not that i can work with it tho.

give it a try: http://opencanvas.en.softonic.com/


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I've been using GIMP for a few years now, and it's pretty good. Has a little bit of a learning curve, but then again I don't know what sort of learning curve Photoshop has. Haven't missed not having Photoshop :)
Version 2.4 is recommended, I believe it works on Vista (it certainly works fine on XP) - and if you're really stuck, Linux LiveCD distros such as Knoppix have GIMP as standard as well.