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Pick A Burlesque Stage Name For Me

May I suggest K'illgore The Eternal Destroyer?

(I mean that'd be my name at least...)


The sheep


4-tailed kitsune
I don't know anything about burlesque but I suppose I don't have to. Maybe Desdemona Nectarine if you are doing a gothic theme as you said since the full name sounds slightly gothic and Nectarine kind of sounds like neck which may make them think of vampires... and maybe you could incorperate that.. you already meantioned coffins. I don't know...


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
I also want to open my own tattoo shop and dance studio and art gallery. Art is another dream of mine I want to become an art teacher and a better artist.


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
I paint abstract paintings sadly the files are too big to big to post and I only have a mobile phone nothing too fancy I'am on a budget.
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