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Pick 'n' Pocket - An Arcade Platformer for PC


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Hello everyone!

I recently launched a Kickstarter for my game, Pick 'n' Pocket. It's an arcade platformer for PC featuring woodland critters out to steal whatever they can get their greedy paws on. The game will have a cast of characters to choose from, including the two below, a single player arcade mode, a single player challenge mode and a local multiplayer mode.

There's even a free demo you download and try out! Check the Kickstarter link below to give it a go.


The Kickstarter is going on until Aug. 15. Other than the completed game itself, rewards include a digital art book, buttons and a poster as well as rewards related to the game development process such as voting for future character designs, having your likeness implemented into the main game and at the highest tier, getting to work with me to have your own character implemented as a playable character.

Stretch goals are planned, the first being that Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn will be writing an origin comic featuring the title characters, Pick and Pocket.

Please check it out and support it if you can: Thank you!