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Piercings And or Tattos.

Lillie Charllotte

Utsukuchiku no yagi.
How many you got. (If any.)
And what do you want.

I've been loaded with piercings but I only kept my eyebrow so far.
I'm deciding for tongue or septum.


I have a couple of tattoos. Never kept any of my piercings in though.


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I currently have both ears pierced. I've thought about getting other piercings, but it just depends on what I want to do in the future.


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I got my left ear done once, Im gonna get it done again, I plan on an eyebrow, MAYBE a prince Albert ( not likely though)

as far as tattoos, Im getting a Cross on my left arm, a Pentacle on My Right, and, whenever they make the final decision, the official furry symbol on my left chest


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Not for me at the moment. I have nothing personal enough for tats and piercings would look meh on me.


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I used to have a mole on my ear that made me look like I had a piercing...

But no, I would look horrible with piercings...as for tattoos, sure, they're all well and good now, but do you really want to be playing "guess what my tattoo used to be?" in the nursing home 50 years from now?

Diem Adrienne

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I have my earlobes pierced twice. I really want a tattoo, I just have to decide where on my body, what parlor to get it at, and what tattoo... so everything, basically. My choices are;
this really simple cat design I found that's basically just a line making the silhouette of a cat laying down
an awesome swirly star-thing
pawprint (it's my "symbol" and plus, yay, furs)
a heart (cool-looking... nothing cheesy. ^.^;;; )
A Celtic symbol that has meaning to me
OR something that signifies my astrology symbol.

Lots of choices. I have near specific things in mind for all of 'em...

Locations of choice are inside wrist, top of hand near thumb, or shoulder-blade.

Oh, and I was thinking of maybe getting my cartilage pierced... or like those "snake bite" piercings, only one. Meh.

I'm probably just rambling, now. ^.^;;


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I want to get my left ear pierced, and maybe get a ring or two in my ears cartilage. As for tattoos, for the longest time I wanted to get a full back tattoo of a back of the back of a wolf or something ,or, more like a tattoo so that it would kind of look like I have fur. I do not think I will get it mainly due to cost and that it would most likely would not look all that good.


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None, piercings are dumb. Tattoos are too, but I might get an Invisible Pink Unicorn tat on my ass. Just for LULZ.


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lol, I should probably say, My Fur will have several ear piercings ^_^


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I have one of a couple wolves (imagine that) on the back of my right shoulder, and my next has been drawn out.. actually by an artist on FA. Piercings.. I have been wanting to pierce one of my ears for years, but haven't actually gone and done it.


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No piercings, no tattoos here. Wanted an eyebrow piercing for a while, but then I got old and didn't care anymore. :p I do like some tattoos, but I can't help but think of how idiotic it will look when I'm 90. I prefer rings, necklaces bracelets and other jewelry because it does something very handy - comes off when you're done with it.


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I don't have either, but there is a tatoo I would like to get when I'll have to golds.

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i got my grandad dog tags tattoed on my neck but i dont have any piercings to dangorus for me the first thing that would happen is thay get riped out


I currently have 5 tattoos. I used to have a few piercings too, but had to get rid of those after I got in the army.


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None. My body is not for decoration.