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Xelwave the Yeen - Artist *COMMS closed*
Hi there lovely people! :3

I’m Xelwave the Striped Hyena! (formerly Pigmint(Pig) the fox)! Nice to meet you ^-^
So I’ve been hanging about for a while and I’ve decided to throw some work here in a sketchbook thread just to sort of get used to getting things out there, talking about art with likeminded people and just have some fun :3

I’ll keep updating with sketches and art and maybe play around with different styles or something like that :3

So for now, have some of my first sketches and coloured things I did :’D
C8C977BB-3298-4EB8-AC36-363C5FE7C9F7.jpeg D4BEE573-6F9B-4BE6-AD7A-6BACB8CF7B18.jpeg 0FC1F184-BA74-40CF-A7B0-B6DF75711248.jpeg
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