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Pimp journals still banned?

Ty Vulpine

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I remember FA making a rule saying users aren't allowed to make journals pimping raffles and such, but I can't find the rule. Was the rule removed?

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
I half-thought was something else, but you can't promote raffles in your journals?

Ty Vulpine

Well-Known Member
One time, there was a rule saying you can’t require users to post about raffles (but they can still if they choose), think it was causing spam.

Frank Gulotta

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The art of forbidding the symptom rather than addressing the cause in a way that meets the need it seeks to fulfill.


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Oh. I thought this was something else. Okay, now I'm more confused somehow lol.


Worshiper of Monster
You've heard of Pimp my Ride, now prepare for Pimp my Raffle.

Aaaaand now everyone turned into a pimp..


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Just don't go overboard with it. ;)
(This is not, like, rules-level advice, just some background to the original rule.)

As I recall a contributing issue that lead to the rule being introduced, back when, was that one raffle journal received so many comments it actually caused technical issues with the site (as well as spamming up everyone's notifications, but I think official policy on that is "vote with your watch"). While this is unlikely to recur (that journal was claiming to raffle off like $1k if memory serves, and there have been server upgrades since), it's worth keeping in mind and possibly capping entries if comments start getting up into the triple digits and the journal or submission starts consistently having issues loading.