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Pin Up-style Commissions! 2 Slots!


Full up!

Opening some commission slots! I am not yet able to take just anything like I'd planned, so once again I'll have to go with particular slots.

SPECIAL: Pin-up style commissions. $60 and up, + Paypal fees.

The complexity of your character determines the final price; remember not to send the money until I've quoted you!

Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2131509/

I have two slots for these:

1. imnohbody
2. P.G.

Comment if you are serious about wanting a slot, and then I'll put you down and you can send me your character info for me to give you a quote.

After that, I'll give you my Paypal.

I'm saving up for something big. Thanks for your help!
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