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Pirate v. Ninja

Pirate or ninja

  • Pirate

    Votes: 20 39.2%
  • Ninja

    Votes: 18 35.3%
  • Spoiler 1

    Votes: 6 11.8%
  • Spoiler 2

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Homo says what

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters

Captain Spyro

Heart of the DragonStar


Wishes He could Fly
The question is, which pirates and which ninjas? I would normally go with ninjas but if it's just Captain Jack Sparrow then he pwns everyone.

Captain Spyro

Heart of the DragonStar

Captain Spyro

Heart of the DragonStar


Pirates get booze, money and sex.

Ninjas are better at killing but get none of those, as they would distract the ninja from his ninja duties.

Pirates > ninjas.

If there was a video game, and pirate and ninja were playable classes, pirate would be the fun one. Ninja would be the one that annoying powergaming faggots play because it makes them feel like their dick is bigger when they kill everything.
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Admurrable Admurral
Homo says what? Simply, because I like Drawn Together.


I put the irate in pirate. ;)
I say Pirate. The job skills required are less and the opportunities for reward and adventure are greater. Plus your job performance can be improved by alcohol, which is not true of being a ninja.

Conri :3

a fuzzeh jackal
I'd go with ninjas as much as I <3 pirates, and while pirates did have guns, if you do some research you'll find ninjas actually also had guns, and even small portable cannons, they also had a mastery of the physical body, being able to completely manipulate their bodies to achieve the desired result. Cloak and dagger a true ninja used every part of his arsenal to make ends meet ( even his swords scabbard could be balanced on it's sword's tip and held in taught in the other hand with string to provide a probing device when searching a dark room for a hiding victim. The ninja would drop the string upon confirmed contact causing the blade to be exposed, where he would move in for the kill.) Ninjas by far are (in my opinion) far more resourceful and better trained. Most people think of ninjas as wearing black robes. Yet many ninjas infiltrated by dressing as beggars or wandering preists. All a ninja would have to do is dress as a pirate sneak on and poison the rum or plant a bomb in the bottom of the ship and steal a life boat, maybe set the gunpowder on fire on the bottom of the ship. Anyway Pirates, I luv ya but I'm sticking to ninjas.


Hot sammiches and cold beer.
Why does it matter?