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Piru ^.^


Hawt brown eyed dragon
I guess I should make a thread here too XD Introductions... hmm kinda hard for me to do that but I'll give a small intro. I'll hug anyone that comes near me, no matter the species or gender, ur not gonna get away from me without hugs ^^ I'm not that much of an artist so to speak but I do my best. And basically I just wanted to say hi XD mrrru. *flaps wings* BIG HUG ^.^


Hawt brown eyed dragon
Thankies ^^


Perpetuating the Stereotype
Hi! Anybody who's okay with hugs is okay with me. Unless they're a snake. Or a trash compactor. Or a musclebound serial rapist.


Buff and Evil.
Welcome to FA Zarbo, hope you enjoy your stay here. *looks through belongings and hands you a steak, then hightails it before before getting hugged*


Waiting to get thin again
Welcome. You seem like you will fit in with the basic rabble here rather well.


another furry from across the pond
Welcome to the forums
*digs in AWOL bag*
have some carrots!!