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(Commission) Selling: Pixel art and painty art - start at 8 USD

Hello fellas, it's me, your local tired artist who needs to buy material for class and artist projects :_)

Short rules
  • Currently ONLY accepting paypal! it can be USD or euro, either work for me.
  • I work with pretty much anything except robots, vehicles and real people. Will do animals, pokemon, furries, OCs, dragons etc. though dragons -specially FR dragons- will most likely be a little more expensive due to their complexity.
  • I actually kinda love drawing characters with lingerie and pin up/sensual poses but I do not do NSFW
  • Extra characters are +70% extra to double price depending on the type of art you want, character design and the interaction
  • For your second order you get a 5% discount and for your third one a 10% !!


Pixel art
For the price you get both the small real size pixel + the big one (like the samples)

I work with mostly three types sort of: 25x25 minis, 64x64 chibis and something between 64 and 100 px normal ones. I will also do my FR pixel adopts which are a little bigger!

Minis - 8 USD or 7 euro
complex designs might have to be simplified - includes minimal shading


Chibis - 12 USD or 11 euro
includes minimal shading - simple bounce-y animations like the last one are extra 3 USD or 2 euro


Normal - 20-25 USD or 20-23 euro
includes normal shading


Painty art
Due to time and health restrictions the type of art I offer will look more like the four first samples than the last two!!

(3rd, 4th and 5th samples) - These are either monochromatic or have a limited color palette and usually have softer colors
  • Bust - 12 USD or 10 euro
  • Halfbody - 26 USD or 25 euro
  • Fullbody - 40 USD or 38 euro

Full color
(rest of samples, specially first two which are previous commissions) - These have more intense colors and more colorful shading
  • Bust - 16 USD or 15 euro
  • Halfbody - 30 USD or 28 euro
  • Fullbody - 50 USD or 48 euro



got quite bad news regarding money and university so uuu any commission/difusion/sharing would be really appreciated...