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Pixel commissions! 5$-30$ for next 5 slots!


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Greetings everyone, I make pixel art avatars. Due to insane conversion rates in Croatia, I will have to increase the prices from what is currently listed, however next 5 commissions will cost the same as originally intended, thank you for understanding.

128x128 -30$ (real size)

64x64 -15$ (real size and x2 view)

32x32-5$ (Real size and x3 view)

Slots taken: 0/5

The proces and revision details:

We decide on the layout using rough sketches. (This is skipped for 32x32)

2.Pixelated lineart and flat colors
I create pixel lineart based on the sketch and fill it with plain color, we can make minor adjustments to it.

3.Details and shading.
I add the shading and the details, we can only make really small changes now, however we can still make drastic changes with the colors.

*The image is yours to keep and use however you see fit, you may not, however, claim to have made it.

*I won't do NSFW. Artistic nudity is fine.

Thank you!
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Bump buy this guys art pls