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Pixel Icon/Pagedoll Commissions

I do custom pixels of humanoids/anthro and ferals!

Icon Examples(50x50):


Pagedoll Examples:

- I accept paypal (USD).
- Prices start at 5 USD for an icon and 7 USD for a pagedoll
- If interested just send me a message/note or just reply/comment.
- If you'd like to see more of my art, my Deviantart is mllk-tea.
- Feel free to also message me through deviantart, I'm active on there all the time!

- Give me all the details when you message me and we can work out a price!
- I'm very communicative and I don't bite, ask any questions you need!
- If you're not sure what you want then I can talk you through it!

- Once we work something out I'll give you my paypal email, make sure you select 'paying for goods/services' when paying so that paypal will deduct a fee (don't try to cover the fee please).
-If you would much prefer an invoice, I understand, and it can be arranged!

- I will likely end up posting your finished commission on Deviantart and/or use it as an example for commissions, let me know if you have an issue with that.

Will do:
Most things, just ask.

Won't do:
Sexually explicit content.
Things involving racicm or homophobia.​
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