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~Foxy loves oreo~

I thought it would be more appropriate to post it here than on the entertainment sub forum. Cuz it is all based on video games. And also based off of that shirt film in machinima

I think the premise sounds good but I'm not all over the Adam Sandler casting. I dunno.

Sides. It's got donkey kong.


Arcade Snowmew Of Doom
Oh sure, they want you to think that's New York, but totally, that scene where they faceoff with Pac-Man is at York and Adelaide in Toronto where the street car tracks start.


Remember kids: There are no street cars in New York, even if you keep seeing street car tracks in your movies set in New York. :)



Writer extraordinaire
The premise is more than twenty years late and the humor seems pretty shallow, but I will still watch it with the secret hope that they'll have some clever stuff.


Lost in the Static
This film looks really cheesy. I think I am going to get a kick out of it.


~Foxy loves oreo~
To be completely honest.. i like the short film better than this adaptation.. it looks more interesting cuz no Sandler.


At least it ain't uwe bole.
To me this film just seems like its going to be so bad it will be funny , but I've only seen about 20 seconds of the trailer , also the casting isn't the issue just the concept... Aliens turn video games into death weapons , or aliens are videogame characters ;One of the two

At least they didn't do any modern games like cod or fnaf ......


Hit 'em right between the eyes
This is going to be terrible.


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No interest... This movie was made simply because Adam Sandler saw a short film and thought the visual effect was cool. The movie is NAMED after that visual effect. It's like the only reason for this movie to exist is to see stuff turn into pixels. And to cash in on aging dudes who wax nostalgic about playing arcade games in their youths.

Expected humor content:
-weed smoking
-Donkey Kong's penis
-racial stereotypes (which the trailer already hints at with the guy playing asPac-Man's creator)
-the one woman having to "prove she's a real gamer"
-probably more weed smoking (Sandler's studio did produce Grandma's Boy after all)


I have concerns, The humour just clearly lacks judging by the vid, but seriously though, Adam Sandler and Kevin James.......ring any bells in recent movies........I could be wrong and the movie might be "satisfying" but I somewhat doubt it.

Will probably be another disappointing movie with Sandler :( I hope not anyways.