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Playstation Remote Play


Adelyn the Dutch Angel Dragon
I want to set up Remote play from my PS3 to my laptop. More so to record my PS3 games for my gaming Youtube channel. Currently I am streaming my PS4 directly on to Youtube but I have more PS3 games. Has anyone had success with remote play to a laptop? If so, can you still record audio/ webcam?


What DOES my username mean...?
Why are you using Remote Play exactly?

Depending on how powerful your laptop is, streaming gameplay online could get pretty laggy, especially if you're simultaneously recording video/audio/webcam. if you have multiple PCs (or laptops) to use as a buffer, you might have better luck. Game and record on one and stream with the other. The PS3 Remote play software uses a protocol commonly called "Media Server". it compresses and encodes the audio/video feed and sends it over wifi. Unlike a raw video stream like through a standard cable, Sony got paranoid and developed a Sony specific codec that is (unfortunately) a bitch to encode and decode so it takes a teeny bit more processor juice to render so you're bound to have issues with lag and controls unless you have a beefy machine. You couldn't even run HDMi video from a PS3 into a computer or wireless streamer out of the box. This technology paranoia came about before Let's Plays took off on YouTube and Sony was still worried that streaming games would kill their sales.

if i were you i'd rig up a regular TV and dual stream the video feed to your laptop instead of trying to use Remote Play if possible. Your computer would have far fewer issues streaming a standard, un-encoded video stream and you're less likely to have lag and controller issues if you saw your gameplay on an unhindered/unlagged TV screen.


Adelyn the Dutch Angel Dragon
I tried it with my PS4. It was laggy and eventually crashed several times but it worked.