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Hey everyone! I'm HyenaDev. This is a thread for my in-progress Visual Novel, London's Aesop.


What is this?

London's Aesop is an LGBT/Furry visual novel set in Britain's glorious capital. You step into the shoes of Ethan Lockwood, a lonely young man with a heart full of secrets. A night out has Ethan discover the existence of another world and meet Iroko, a hyena soldier on a mission. Iroko is searching for the Aesops, a wide array of tools that grant incredible powers, but at a great cost. With the artefacts scattered over the city, two must work to gather them before they can corrupt innocent citizens and turn London inside out.

The game is SFW (For now) and currently uses Public-Use backgrounds and music. I'm hoping to replace these as I go along, so please be patient!


How much is done already?

Currently, the game's first chapter is finished, with the second coming out in about a month or two. What's here is around 15,000 words of text, which means it will take anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes if you want to see everything. I'd like to make each chapter around this length so each update feels like a substantial upgrade over the next. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on my progress!


Where can I read this?

The game is available for FREE on Itch right now! You can find it here: https://hyenadev.itch.io/londons-aesop
I also have a Twitter, where I post updates, meme and other junk: https://twitter.com/AesopLondon
Did I mention a Discord Server?: https://discord.gg/QRfza9QTxv
And if you can, please donate to my Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/hyenadev

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