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Just so there's no confusion. The prices listed are the original prices such as head with no linning being sold for $100 plus shipping.
With the MAYDAY SALE discount it would be $50 plus shipping. I'm not too sure if the discount applies for the shipping though. This is my first big sale discount. ^__^

The reason why I make them at a lower price is because I want to make them more affordable for those who want to get their first suit without it being so expensive. Also to provide a more casual suit in case they still want to save their fancier suits for certain special events. I focus on my suits having good air circulation and regulating a more comfortable temperature inside. They may not be the fanciest suit out there, but they are certainly some of the best made with love. I find each order so exciting and I love those commissioners who are happy to send me pics of them finally wearing their fursonas in real life.

Oh yes!! We make customizable buttons now!! $4 for 1 inch buttons and $5 for 2 inch buttons. Each button with a different design of your choice. I find the smaller ones make awesome gifts to share at a con. Plus if you have a business, a good way to spread the word rather than through a typical business card.

Again if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me, message me, here or anywhere I have an account at. :D