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Please help I have 11 fursonas

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
Make them into an unholy lovecraftian chimera hybrid.


A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
overhaul all of them then simply picture what animal you'd be happiest turning into then just give that animal whatever traits you like that you feel say something about you (be this traits you actually have or traits you wish you had) and then BOOM. you've got a single fursona.

Frank Gulotta

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Give the extra ones to a shelter, every year thousands of fursonas are abandoned in the wilderness, it's toned down in later year but back in the days it created an infestation of sparkledogs and turned an otherwise innocuous fade into an invasive species

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
Oh god oh no

Biblically accurate angel fursonas be like "fear not".


Artistic Creator
No need to cut down, no need to reduce the numbers, it really is ALL up to YOU. If YOU want more or less, you are good either way. My idea of fursonas are that they represent something about you. A desire, a feeling, hidden thoughts and struggles, and sometimes, a person can blend them all into one character. However, there are people out there who would split things up into multiple fursonas. The only problem there is with having multiple fursonas, is if YOU want to have less, or are unhappy with the number. It doesn't matter what others say, create as many fursonas as YOU want, and don't let OTHER people just dictate what number is best.


Want to write stories with images
11 goes in !! 1 go out!!
11 goes in !! 1 go out!!
11 goes in !! 1 go out!!

no, but for real. You do not need to have 1 sona, It is not "you" so you can change them.


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"you could just play multiple characters and switch between them over time"-- the mushroom that tries to ignore its the secondary character