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please help me price my artwork!


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i am not sure this is the right forum (i am brand new to furaffinity) to ask for pricing help, so please lock/move this thread if it's in the wrong place.

i need to earn as much money as possible to help me support my mother and three younger brothers, and i decided i'll start doing commissions next to my job. i was told furaffinity is the best place to sell furry artwork.

i'd really appreciate any kind of feedback, i haven't really done usd commissions before so i don't know what my art's worth. (is it true nsfw art sells better than sfw? i don't have any nsfw examples atm but i am comfortable w/ drawing nsfw so i might consider taking nsfw comms as well - i am 18+, if anyone's concerned.)

i have some examples in my deviantart gallery:
rnirai's DeviantArt gallery
my chicken smoothie gallery (these are mostly sketches):
rnirai's gallery - Chicken Smoothie
some chibi base commissions i did a month (?) ago:
sta.sh: Chibi examples
and some recent gift art with tiny animation:
Sta.sh Uploads 1156

thank you very much!


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Oh wow, you really have a nice gallery there! Have you also made a furaffinity gallery account and uploaded your art there also? You might get some clients also if you do that too (as well as advertising in the Art Sales thread that you are selling currently).

As for pricing, while I can't put an exact price on it really, I think your artwork looks REALLY cute, gorgeous and high-quality that I would avoid pricing it too cheaply.
It really depends on how long you take and what your speed is when drawing that you can put an estimated price on it that way. I've heard that using the Cash Clock to time yourself on how long it takes to do art will tell you how much you should be making per hour (in your own country's living wage average), and you can set that as your base price for a single illustration.
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Wow your artstyle is really cute!!
You can read pinned topics in the Art Sales and Auctions to get more info on commissions, they are really helpful and well written, like this one forums.furaffinity.net: On The Increasingly Agitating Subject Of Pricing Your Art
As Fiorabeast said, setting a decent hourly wage is a good way to price your commissions.
NSFW can help you appeal to a larger audience, so if you're comfortable with that you can go ahead. From my experience, my NSFW commission projects mainly involved drawing accurate genitals on ref sheets, so nothing too crazy, and I think that with your artstyle you could really render well tasteful nudity. Feel free to add a NSFW fee though, as clients can be picky with genitals accuracy and it can take you extra time and efforts.
I mainly find my clients on the FA forums, by answering hiring threads, so here is a good way to start :D


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The art is amaze. Shading is on point and it blends well to the characters. If I was to price these drawings I would say $30-35 (I don't know if that's too much) also depends the amount of time you draw em. If you were to do two characters I would say
$60-65 plus the time you spent on it. I never priced art but those are good for that high quality art.


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I personally price mine almost solely on time with $10/hr as a basic rate as it is a skilled trade. It’s taken me YEARS to get where I am. Some of my work also has a material cost I factor in. If a design is going to take me more time than usual due to complexity, I will in fact ask for a little more. Sometimes if someone’s just being a doll or their design will be extra simple, I offer small discounts.

So that’s what I recommend. Price your work based on how long it takes you to reasonably produce art of that quality.