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Account Problem: Please help with ban appeal!!!!!!

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Hello, my name is Noah, I'm 14 years old and I'm having some bad problems with my furaffinity account named "noahstudios2002"

I really need a moderator or an administrator whatever they're called to help me....

It's kinda a long story but please read....

I have a fetish for urine/pants wetting (please don't judge) and I like to draw about it a lot.
I first made my FA account around when I was 12 years old so I could share my art with the world and hopefully meet other people who have the same fetishes as I do. But later on another user (who's name I forget) tricked me into writing a trouble ticket telling the administrators that I was 12, because that user gave me the impression that the administrators would protect my account from predators if they knew I was 12. But then when I wrote the trouble ticket I was later on suspended for a full year until I turned 13 (which is the age limit) and they also mature locked my account from viewing mature or adult art. when this happened I got kinda panicked as I wrongfully made another account titled "echothefruitbat" not knowing that was against the rules so I could ask my other friends for help on what to do. They all told me to just wait the full year until the suspension gets lifted. So that's what I did. But When I got my main account back I still wrongfully continued to go back on my "echothefruitbat" account so I could search mature artwork about my fetishes. But when FA got hacked and everyone's passwords where reset, I couldn't get back on echothefruitbat so I ended up making ANOTHER account called "yournotgettingonhere" so I could do the exact same thing. Now it's gotten me in trouble because I was trying to help out another artist with an art theif problem by writing a trouble ticket and that's when they found out about my other accounts and now I've been banned from FA compleately.

I realize that what I did was wrong and that I shouldn't have done it, I feel so F****** terrible for it but now I'm compleatly banned!!!

I don't know if being on here is also ban evading, but can somebody please help me??? PLEASE!!!!! All I'm asking for is at least my noahstudios2002 account back, that account is mature locked so I couldn't see anything mature even if I wanted to, and they would find out if I tried making another account (and I don't want to go though anything like this again) I can't help it that I'm a horny teen, I'm just asking for 1 change!

I emailed Appeals@furaffinity.net (I think that's the email) a month ago asking for my account and one more chance, and he or she kept on responding saying "we cannot allow minors to see adult content" even though that wasn't what I was asking for. They never gave me a real reason why I cannot go back on noahstudios2002 except what I just typed.

I tried emailing accounts@furaffinity.net but all I get in return is a message saying that the delivery failed.

I've heard stories about people who've stole money from other users on FA but they still let him back on. So why not me??

I really, really, REALLY loved posting on FA, I think no other website can replace it. I literally deleted all my pictures on my main account because I wanted to start over and re-create all my pictures with a better art style, but now I can't do that! I want my art to be noticed again!

Please somebody help me, this is literally the only hope I have for getting back on FA.
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When your first account was Temp banned for what i would guess is a false date of birth so you could view mature adult content, you would have received "First Notice" which is the first warning about your account, by creating an alt account, you performed a ban-evade which the site would consider against its rules, and worthy of a permanent ban. Finally, by creating a third account, that only compounds the problem.

FA staff, once they mature lock an account, have no reason to unlock the account, other than the user providing state verification of their age, since from the tone of your message I would hazard a guess you are still considered a minor, this would be a pointless task at the current time.
Also FA staff have no reason to un-ban a permabanned account, except where administrative action has been performed erroneously or may be disputed by fact(s).

But since you have from what I can tell, broken some of the rules in the code of conduct (Code of Conduct -- Fur Affinity [dot] net see Section 2), they don't have to un-ban you.


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Ban appeals are handled through email; we can't help you through the forum, and it sounds like you already received a response to your appeal. Mature locked users who circumvent that lock to view mature or adult content are a potential legal liability for the site, and appeals for such accounts are therefore contingent on the user reaching age of majority and confirming this with staff. You are absolutely welcome to appeal again once you turn 18.

Closing this thread since this is not the type of issue that gets handled through the forums.
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