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Please, how do you turn off Windows handwriting COMPLETELY



I've been dealing with this fucking thing for the past year. I've finally come to my wit's end. I just want the fucking thing disabled completely.

Every. Single. Time. I open up Discord while I'm drawing (aka using my tablet) this fucking Windows ink handwriting box spawns over the text box. It's so annoying. I don't want to use it. I just want to use my keyboard. Doesn't matter how many times I X it out . . . it always comes back. I went into the Windows ink settings. There is no option to turn off ink/handwriting. I even selected "ignore handwriting while tablet pen is in use" or whatever. It doesn't do anything.

And yes, I searched it up. Please don't send me to the freaking How to Geek article. It hasn't helped.


^THIS is what I'm talking about, btw^


Not sure if this is relevant 1 year later... Most graphics tablet drivers have an option to disable "Windows Ink", that should fix your problem.