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Critique: Please judge my art


kleptomaniac for knowledge
I have been filling my two sketchbooks to the seems and want to show other people, so please tell me what you think about the pieces of art I show you.
(Can't get art to appear on this post ;w; )
They will appear below


kleptomaniac for knowledge


If you can lick it, it's probably safe
First piece is quite nice, the legs, body, fur, and left (stage-left) arm are perfect. The foreshortening on the opposing arm (w/ the gun) is a bit off, not terribly and perhaps due to the limitations of the medium, but if I were to critique I'd call that out. The neck is long which is not uncommon for the species but the muzzle / visor may be a bit blunt. This is opinion, there's certainly room within the species for this but in comparison this falls on the shorter side imo. Overall I'd say its very good with only a few perspective details to poke at.

The second piece is fantastic below the shoulders, the rear digitigrade legs and tail are spot on but I can tell you struggled with the arms a bit and again, due to the limitations of the medium you are somewhat restricted in how much tweaking you can make to a piece. The left (stage-left) arm is good, but the right is perhaps to long between shoulder and elbow or maybe the arm connects to the shoulder a bit to high; something there is just a little off. The face/head is limited by the medium, hard to get fine detail with pencils, but you pulled it off quite well. Overall I'd say this is also a very good piece.

Pop art is great, love the leaf texture in particular. The choice of rotating the veins in the dot for the 'i' was unexpected and made the piece more interesting.

To be honest, considering you're working in traditional media, these are fantastic and well beyond anything I could achieve. If you were to trace these in a digital art app I think you'd be able to easily sort out any perspective issues they may have by eye and be on par with the best character artists we have.

Keep at it!


the second one is a really fun pose! i would suggest maybe trying to not press as hard with your pencil, and keep it to light even strokes so that it doesn't create deep lines. it'll make the coloring a little smoother!

Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
See, you are getting good at it...
Now I think it's my time to draw something.


kleptomaniac for knowledge
Dear people who actually noticed this thread, I am currently workin on something and will post it when finished


kleptomaniac for knowledge
I get it, don't worry got my art stuff in a tidy little bag, plus I don't care about the rubber scratchings


kleptomaniac for knowledge
Hello again, more art ive had on me for some time (that is an understatement) so here it is!
First my sona kellil

I dont have the best lighting in my room,

Next something i drew while away, with reference to the beds there

Still hope ya like,

Plz leave critiques