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>>>>PLEASE READ<<<< Hidden Comments by Administration info.


Little Miss Sunshine
We are currently fixing an exploit involving all comments which have recently been hidden by administration. Please bear with us.

Addedly, if you have any submissions with comments hidden by administration, PLEASE send in a TT and it will be taken care of as soon as we can. I have done (IE: restored) several handfulls of these, but it's already nearing 2am for me and a few other admins. Again, we will be restoring comments, just send in a TT, or heck, post the links here and we'll deal with them. Just please be patient with us <3

Thanks so much!
PS: No more threads on the issue, I'll be locking all prior threads so this one is more apparent. :3

EDIT: If main site is down, just take the night off and have fun! If the site is up and running, send in a TT or post the links here.

EDIT #2: PLEASE do not derail this thread as it makes it harder for me and other admins to take care of these issues. Thanks!
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~Pineapple Princess Esmé~
Thanks for the heads up. :) I figured that's what was going on. My mate ~Statik has a few hidden by admin comments on his ID. :0 those were the only ones i noticed, since i didn't check mine at all.

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Much more elaborate then saying "an issue," now I can't make disingenuous assertions about what it could be about. /sadface

For a while users have begged for the ability to hide comments, yet even without implementation of such a petulant feature have they have found ways to abuse it.
The amount of insult these people have subjected themselves to is staggering.


FAF's #1 Terrorist
The only thing that will make this worse is if the hide comments feature is still there



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All those hidden comments will all have to be unhidden by hand? Ouch. Didn't even think about that.


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Little Miss Sunshine
Here's one I noticed. Its the only one on my own profile I've seen.
This artwork isn't mine but I noticed a couple of the comments have the mysterious 'Hidden By Admin' tag.

Also wanted to let you know that I appreciate the hard work you're all putting into fixing this. <3

Thanks, we'll try and get it all resolved as best we can. It might take a little while, but, I'll at least try to drudge through them as I can.
And, restored!