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I wanted to make a post about commissions here on fur affinity.
You can check out some of my work here: Yumio-chan's DeviantArt Gallery

I need a reference photo of what you want me to make, front and back. All you need to do is ask and we'll discuss it. I need at least the animal you'd like, or pointing out what previous creature you'd like or even a Pokemon. I also need what colors you want, and anything else you'd like to add.

Price varies but I try to keep my commissions consistent with my online shop.
For smaller things it will be around 19$-25$
For medium size about 25$-35$
For large size plushies it will be about 40$-80$
For extra-large plushies it will be about $100+

It truly depends on how large and especially how COMPLEX it is, but just talk to me, I will give you an estimate and when I am done with it I will let you know the final price (my estimates are always really ruff and could be more or less then the final price)

Usually 10$-20$ depending on complexity and time it took me.
If you want embroidered details on your plushy it will be price of plush + price of embroidery.  

FOR CERTAIN THINGS I WILL NEED A DOWN PAYMENT FOR This will not be extra, but subtracted from your overall total.

Please consider this:
1) When you order something from me, you are ordering a completely artisan craft from only one artist working on it. This means I am not a mass producing company.
2) Any and all crafts commissioned is one of a kind. That means you have something millions of people have do not have. You have something unique and made with love. Even if I make 2 or 3 plushes of the same character they are different, its just a fact (I am pretty sure that would drive me crazy, making the same exact thing).
3) My plushes are more of a collectable item than a toy, remember they're not meant to play with them nor they're good for children or babies unless you specifically ask for that.
4) I am an artist, not a toy company that gets everything for cheap. That takes a LOT of time, more than what you might think.
5) Remember a commission is an agreement to BUY what I made for you!

But please feel free to send me a note or even comment below.

You can always just visit my product site as well:
Home · Critters To Glitters · Online Store Powered by Storenvy
www.etsy.com: Crafts made with love! by CrittersToGlitters

You can also email me at critterstoglitters@yahoo.com
I also opened a page on facebook: Critters to Glitters | Facebook