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Plz give me tips of how to gain more views to FA profile....Plz!


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Produce smut.
Lots of smut.
Do raffles, requests, commissions, and trades.
More smut.

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You should have noticed by now, FA is on life support. That whole crash, then the IMVU thing, sent artists looking for better digs. I've gotten more hits in a month over on SoFurry than I have in years on FA.

It's either "Go Smut" or find a better home for your SFW art. I really hoped FA would return to its former glory when it came back after the "Great Crash" but alas, it has seemed to wither on the vine. Such a pity. It was so vibrant . . .


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I've gotten more hits in a month over on SoFurry than I have in years on FA.
Do note that these experiences will differ based on several factors. SoFurry, back in its earlier Yiffstar days, was exclusively a writing site, and so would likely have retained some of the reading audience it had back then. While you do use custom thumbnails, they don't say very much about what a reader can expect to find in your stories, and your writing appears to be near exclusively a long serial work - it's a truism that big publishers are well aware of that serial written works tend to lose readership with every installment, to the point where print runs often are successively smaller the later you get in a long-running series. What that means for you is that it'll be harder for you to attract new readership from your new chapters on the front page, as seeing "Chapter 23" in the recent uploads means a reader is going to need to make a significant time investment to get into your content.

And I get that all of this sucks for you as a writer in search of an audience. All I'm saying is it's not particularly indicative of the health of FA as a site. A lot of factors influence the kind of attention a given piece of content gets, including content type, thumbnail (or how well it thumbnails), subject matter, time of day posted, how many watchers you already have, who happens to see it (if you post something that gets linked elsewhere, clearly that can boost your views), and so on.

There are absolutely some things that can artificially boost views, and it's not nearly so simple as "SFW" vs "NSFW". Niche subjects, if they have enough of a following, are liable to garner attention, but doing them a few times for views/watchers and then never touching the subject again is likely to see the attention they attract drop off again, and I wouldn't recommend going that route unless it's something you're actually interested in drawing for yourself. Content that has a story to it will generally get more attention than single scenes, so you're doing well with having comics there.

In your case, what would likely make the most difference is adding color. Pure inkwork, while it still takes skill, doesn't thumbnail as impressively as colored work, and is more likely to get passed over. Other than that, the surest way to get attention, more than any ploy of shifting focus to content perceived to be more sought-for, is to continue to post regularly. Spread your posting out enough that you don't end up with more than one piece on the front page - more than that and you start attracting views away from yourself at best, and find what times of day works best for getting your particular work seen.

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@quoting_mungo - At least you looked at my works on SoFurry before jumping to a conclusion. Thank you for that. You still can't beat the facts: 422 views, 6 faves, 5 comments, 18 votes. That's just for chapter 23. Over on FA, 31 views for the same chapter. So yeah, you are right as I do know I will lose readers over time, but that's to be expected. This isn't my first rodeo nor will it be the last. I've been at this for ten years, not just as a writer but as a proofreader and a webmaster for several people that write. As far as my thumbnails, I couldn't find someone that would do a custom thumbnail for each chapter, paid fairly at their going rate and my hands are no longer steady enough to do artwork. That's the reason for my thumbnails.

I will agree with one thing you said; colored artwork, especially painted, not cell-shaded, tends to attract more viewers. I have done SFW artwork years ago and the color versions drew the hits, even if the B&W version was right next to it on the page. Photo-realistic shading probably does the best, as far as I have observed.


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The other thing you can do, is spend some time interacting with other people. If you leave comments (particularly thoughtful comments longer than a few words) on other people's work, it's likely that some of them will stop by and at least look at your profile. Some of them may even return the favor, particularly if your work is similar to theirs or similar to what's in their favorites.
Try out many different sites and apps. At this point, I feel like I'm spamming this, but Furry Amino would be a good place to go. It seems like everyone follows everyone on there for almost no reason.

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Everybody asks this. Why has no one taken the advice?

If you wanna be popular in the furry fandom you've got to either:

Draw porn
Be Uncle Kage
Or draw copious amounts of porn