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PMV Commission Starting at $5

Hello! I'm euthanizedCanine, but you can call me EC for short.
I'll be opening up a slot for a PMV commission.
You might be wondering, well what the heck is that?
PMV stands for Picture Music Video
These are two examples of what I can do.
Here is my deviantart too if you're more comfortable contacting me there.
You would essentially be sending me a small portion of a song (from 10 to 20 seconds), the characters that fall in that scenario (preferably under 5 characters), and a scenario to be played out.
Do not confuse this for an animation! I'm sorry to say it is not!
It's an animatic as I am simply drawing and editing in Premiere.

-Keep it SFW. This means no inflation, babyfurs, or any sort of fetishes please! I might be willing to do slightly suggestive content, but that's it. My main reason for this is the audience I hold on Youtube. The vast majority are children under the age of 18, and I'd like to share my work with them on my channel once I'm done. The song itself doesn't need to have any sort of censorship, but please refrain from using a song with sexual themes. Besides that, I can do some mild gore, and go wild on profanity if you wish. That isn't particularly important.
-All of the work will be done in a 1920 x 1080 canvas and exported onto a 1080p video. If you like any particular still image from the PMV, just message me and I will give you the PNG for you to save/use as an icon/etc. You could post that image wherever you'd like, I would just ask that you please credit me. It'd be greatly appreciated ;w;!

How I will go about this:
-Since it is my first time doing this kind of commission, most of these methods are purely experimental and, if I receive more commissions/interest in them as time passes, I will find better ways of handling them. For now, I will try what I believe is best.
-Since this IS a video, you will have to try and describe the shots/angles to the best of your ability. Once you are the winning bidder, feel free to fill out the form and start a private conversation with me. Within a week I will hand you a storyboard, and there you can change any shot you might want to change.

Form (Do not fill out until you are the closing bidder. The only reason this should be beside your bid is if you're autobuying.)
-Character(s) Reference Sheet, however many character are involved. I will allow more than 5 if they are in some form of audience/crowd and will not receive much attention/detail.
-A Youtube or Soundcloud link to the song, followed by a time frame. (For example:"from 1:15 to 1:33")
-Description of the video.

I hope I didn't miss anything!
With that settled, here it goes.

Starting bid: $5
Minimum increase: $1
Autobuy: $50
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