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Pokefur needs a ride to AC 2016 (CLOSED)


New Member
As the title says, going down to AC and prefer to ride along with others cuz people (Or furs in this case)

Specifically, I'm from Reese, Michigan. It's between Saginaw, Bay City, Flint, etc. I can travel a bit to meet up with anyone. I plan to bring one bag, a backpack, and a tote.

I'd like to go down Thursday and come back Monday. On leaving, I most likely need to work the night before, so any time after 8 AM is fine, but earlier the better. In coming home, same in reverse, cuz work. Earlier coming home the better.

Willing to pay for share of gas, (half, thirds, fourths) If you need to know anything else, or got an offer, message me here or send me a PM and we can chat more on it in Email or Skype. Thanks!

PS: I have another friend in Michigan who needs a ride too. If you can fit him in, great. If not, just me is fine.