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Pokemon Go Trainer Portraits


separating this from my regular thread for organization!

Hi!! I've been having a lot of fun drawing myself and friends in their team colors and figured I'd offer a special on them. Sorry all of these are instinct, I just have cool friends d;
These are based off compiling IRL photos and then drawing each person in a unique pose, I refuse to copy a photo exactly as that's not the way I work. When you order we can discuss what I need from you in more detail!

I create team pride related outfits. If you have a specific outfit you want for me to draw in the proper colors I can do that as well! It will probably not look as team focused though.

First example: More simplistic, 45 USD
Second example: More detailed, 60 USD
Third example: Shading, an additional 15 USD

if you have unique details like excessive piercings or tattoos I will add a 6 USD fee.

Email xander.leigh.comms @ gmail for purchase