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Heya everyone! I’m new to this but I want to get to know people and there fursonas which is why I’m here! Also to get my artwork out there into the world. I go by Zany or ZanyAngel and I hope I get to know all of u more! Don’t be afraid to message.

This is my FA link so u can watch me if u like.

Userpage of ZanyAngel28 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


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Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Welcome to the forums M'dear \0/ Have a poke back! -Royally pokes on the snoot-
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Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
*giggles* well that was the best boopin nose Boop ever!
I can always apply more! UwU -Boops again before pulling you into one of the Queen's forum famous floof glomps- :3