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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Pom's Adopt Shop | $15+ (4 Designs Available)


confused but trying
Hello everybody! I've been having a lot of fun designing adopts recently, so I figured I'd go ahead and make a shop for when I have designs available.



☆ All prices are in USD, and payments will be done through paypal.
☆ Purchasing them will come with the provided image in high resolution, and you will also be given a transparent version for all your needs.
☆ I can be flexible with pricing as long as its reasonable.
☆ You can contact me here, on fA, or on my twitter if you have any specific questions
☆ If you ever want to ask about custom designs, just send me a dm!


Available Adopts

Bunny Adopt.jpg

Dessert Bunny
☆ $20



Dragonling Adopts
☆ #1 - $15
☆ #2 - $15
☆ #3 - $15
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