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Portrait for portrait/icon for icon

Simple, I'd like to trade a portrait for a portrait; or an icon for an icon. I'd like to use traded thig for an icon on one RP forum (all credits would be given).

Feral, anthro, monster or humanoid can be done from my part, while, I myself, am looking for a portrait of this fella (warning for nsfw reference).

Looking for someone who can pay attention to facial structure, and not just paintbucket the colours.


Portrait example:

Icon example:



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Man, are those your works?! They are looking fantastic! Both of them, but the first one impressed me way more. Are you still drawing?! I hope so, because you should not be wasting this kind of talent! If I were you, I would try to materialize this talent as much as I can and try to sell this kind of drawings. I mean, you have a really great talent, and it would be a pity if you would waste your time doing something else. I only know one other person with similar potential and talent. He is making the best portrait photo retouching, and it only takes him a couple of minutes! He is incredible.
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