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(Commission) Selling: Portraits by donation!


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Hello! I hope this is acceptable here, but it seemed the most fitting location to post.

I'm collecting donations to purchase needed items for the local homeless in my city - its starting to get chilly and many need warm items for the winter. (I'm collecting coats and such in my area but can't really do that online haha) Money donated will 100% be going to buying hothands hand warmers and, if I get enough, insulation mats for the bottom of tents.

As a thank you for donations above $15 CAD I'm providing portrait art - detail and involvement will vary by donation amount but isn't on a set scale. It'll depend a bit how many I have. I am asking for flexibility in fullfillment time on the portraits because I also am pulling overtime at my regular job right now but I will make a public to-do list on trello or something similar so everyone can see where I'm at.

I have art up at the moment of furry characters cause I'm on a bit of a kick but I do also draw human and regular animal characters as well - I'm sure I can dig up some references for anyone interested but its older art I prefer not to post here

PM me for my paypal to donate, or if your in Canada I can also use direct deposit. Feel free to ask questions here (if you have them someone else probably does too!) or PM me

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you will decide to donate to this very important cause (and if you don't want to via me, consider giving to your local shelters and community kitchens! Our city is faring particularly badly but usage for these resources has been up significantly across the last few years and will likely only get worse coming into 2023) <3

Attached are a few portrait examples for my work


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