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Positive Tweets/Videos/Photos that you want to share


Bara mig och lite bensin
I've been following a Twatter account named "The Dodo" for some time now, and they post incredibly heartwarming short videos. Everything from Lucas the jumping spider to animal rescue videos, they have it all, showing people's compassion and empathy for animals.

Our species isn't naturally good. There are times when I just want our species to go extinct because of the pure evil I have seen up over the years that people do.

And then you come across that one video. That one picture, that turns your outlook on our species upside down.

Their Twatter have loads more similar videos like it.

Do you have videos and/or pictures or Tweets to share that are positive? Feel free to post them here.


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Thank fucking God. For once we get a positive thread on here!

You're a saint, @Yakamaru. Kind of.


Bara mig och lite bensin

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Not sure if this link will work and it's not furry related but anyway ^^'


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Bara mig och lite bensin


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HRT Knowable over on YT has a lot of heartwarming videos on their channel. It's the kind of stuff that tugs on your heartstrings at least a little bit and can make your day better, imo.



Bara mig och lite bensin