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Positivity Thread


Siamese Weeb
Lately, FAF has been kinda... fight-y. So I thought I would make a thread for positive things! Are you excited about something? Did something good happen to you today? Do you just want to share a wholesome story, meme, or cat picture you found? This is the thread for you.

Do not start a fight here. I will delete this thread if it goes south.

Anyway, I'll start. Today and last night I came out to a lot of my friends as non-binary and they were all incredibly accepting! It made me feel better than I've felt in a long time, and I'm starting to gain confidence about my identity.

Also, take this picture of my cat.

soph basket1.jpg


Technology won't save you
I took the week off (Thanksgiving in the US) and have been catching up on a lot of things I needed to do, plus I've had time to draw a little bit again. I've canned carrots (2 gallons), I'm working on pickled beets (it will be a lot), then I'm doing a few batches of soup as well. I love having time to play in the kitchen again.


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin
Takes one of your electrons so you can all be positive

i have a job for it


Darn tootin'
Ah yes, positivity. The bane of my existence, and my mortal enemy.
*rolls in it and sneezes twice*

Had a meeting earlier today about my future employment. I am above expectations in efficiency, productivity and accuracy for our main department. Now all I have to do is transfer all of that to the other departments and I will be permanently employed here rather than having contracts on a 3 month basis. Come January we will most likely find out if I have permanent employment here or not, but all is looking good to be on track towards that.

Oh, and I am about to finish my theoretical exam for my driver's license. Only need the practical exam and I will be owning my own car in no time.

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
Take me to snurch.


Hey man, look at me rocking out!
I recently watched Stranger Than Fiction and thought it was quite swell

Foxy Emy

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Box of fox licks!