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Post the last thing you laughed at online


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs

Jackpot Raccuki

Aka the hot single in your area. (Not Single)

Marrow Ink

"I laugh I wheeze" - Me
"when you find someone you haven’t presented your lawyers badge to" (fun fact: presenting lawyers badge to everyone = canon)
"me when edgeworth says he wants to have dinner" (The man himself, lol)

"on his way to adopt kids with absent/terrible parents"
"This is Wright going back to Kurain village after he finish visiting the Detention Center" (when there's a train, lmfao)
"When Smash Bros only has 3 DLC Slots left"
"This is how Pheonix moves between the locations" (I thought he teleports)
"This isn't even my final form." (The man himself yet again, no, really)

"Phoenix with only one day to build a case and defend his client."
"When someone says that Edgeworth is going to be on a case."
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