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Post your favorite Pokémon!


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I'm the only user so far where most of their favorites are legendaries or ultra beasts. I grew up watching pokemon movies. A lot of 'em are just cool, okay? lol

Anyway, here ya go:


I couldn't get an english version unfortunately.
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Mightyena, of course. Here's my anthro version of her. On a beach, because why not...

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This is going to take a while, haha.
All right, here goes:
Okiniiri Poketto Monsutā.jpg

My most favorite Pokémon are Absol, Vaporeon and the Fennekin line. Vaporeon from the first generation, where it all started, was always there. :) Then Braixen, because of all the 3 forms, I prefer this design the most. The reason why I like the Fennekin line so much, is because I lost my interest in Pokémon with Pearl. I completed Pearl once, but I didn't really enjoy it. This is probably because I played Pokémon a ton as a kid! I often deleted Red, Gold and Ruby, so I can experience the journey again and again~ And I bought many other Pokémon games too. So it was simply too much and I lost my interest with Pearl. But...I returned with X and Fennekin was my starter. I enjoyed X greatly and Pokémon-Amie and the Super Training helped with having an even bigger connection to the companions. :3
And since I enjoyed Pokémon again, I wanted to play some of the older games I missed out on too. And I combined it with a new journey, I made Absol my Ribbon Master. It is a huge unique experience to travel through all the games/regions with a chosen Pokémon and to do as many things as possible! Pokémon Colosseum and XD are the perfect place to start, the Shadow Pokémon give one additional ribbon. :)



I'm not sure if I mentioned Noivern before but asides from that, here are all of my favourite Pokémon from each type.


vaporeon... *spills* ... wait espeon now


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My favorites. They also make up my competitive team for online play <;