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Post your Steam ID :3


So hey everyone, i'm pretty sure this has been posted, but since the thread must be far from now, why not create another!

So post your steam id with the game you usualy play or own ^^

So mine is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wolvessoulz
Feel free to add me at anytime.

And i usualy play ->
Team Fortress 2
Call Of duty 4:Modern Warface

And sometime ->
Goldeneye 007 source

Now your turn :3

(I will add everyone of you >:3, but i think i already got some of you x3)
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Hehe, mine's YaoiLoverMikey, usually under the nickname "The Raging Russian" I play Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike: Source, and when I can get it I'll definetly be playing TF2 so I'll send you a request. ^^

I play mostly TF2 or GMod, I also make maps. =D


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Tf2 is my usual poison, although I venture into mods and the holy Gmod occasionally.


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Here's mine http://steamcommunity.com/id/NewfDraggie

I usually play:
Team Fortress 2
Red Orchestra (Most realistic game -ever- and it looks good, plays good, and is a fun WWII FPS)
Counter-Strike: Source
Call Of duty 4:Modern Warfare
Day of Defeat: Source
Left 4 Dead
Half Life 2: DM (I own it, but haven't played it much, if at all)


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I mostly play Left 4 Dead, but I tried out TF2 recently. I was a bit wary of TF2 before as it's such a complex game and if I even tried to play I'd just get owned leaving the spawn area, but I did pretty well as a Pyro.

EDIT: ID is transitional (see following post)
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By the way, you need to post your account name (the one you use to login), not your current friend's list player name. The "add a friend" searches by account name. You could also link your Steam Community page, which is much easier. I just thought that I would make this apparent.


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My steam ID is ForestFox91 same as FA ID and I play Left 4 Dead I would love to play some time with any of you!