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The issue - For some reason one story in particular won't have quotation marks when I try to post it as a txt file, and in other formats it gets more messed up. RTF's won't be present either.

Anyway, this is a post about me beginning to share my stories on here! Most of them so far are OC related, and they aren't as "furry" as what this site, but I'm just starting out on here and I really am looking to get "out there" to so to speak, to get both criticism and approval etc. so....yeah.

Like I said, I am having some issues with making the stories visible with their file types.....a little help would be appreciated.

But I really just want some attention you could say.

My first post on here too.


Note: These stories also are more fan-fiction than original stories.

www.furaffinity.net: The Hand of Anoku - Chapter 1 by OnlyOnWednesdays1997

www.furaffinity.net: The Hand of Anoku - Chapter 2 by OnlyOnWednesdays1997

www.furaffinity.net: S.S. Curious Paradise (Spencer/Coby - Spencer/OC - SFW) by OnlyOnWednesdays1997

www.furaffinity.net: New Kid (Coby/Danny, Danny/OC - SFW) by OnlyOnWednesdays1997 (This is the one with file problems for some reason)