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Hi all!
I checked the Resources and Please Read, but I was unable to find what I was looking for. Hopefully someone is able to help me out. =]

I used to write stories about 6-ish years ago. The site that I was writing on had the ability for you to link stories together, if they were chapters. I took a look at a few writers on FA, and while they were chapters, I didn't see that they were linked together. You had to go through the gallery and find the chapter.

Does FA have a function to link chapters together, or is there another site that might be a better platform?
I am new to FA, so there is a chance I just missed something.

In advance; Any help is greatly appreciated! =]


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Yes and no, basically. You can't do the sort of thing that e.g. FictionPress does (or at least did when I used it approximately a million years ago) where you open a story and then have a drop-down for the chapters. But you can absolutely use site features to create links between installments in a series.

I personally use the syntax that was designed to link comic pages together, like here in my serial Blackmail's a Bitch. Or you could stick regular hyperlinks in the description.

Instructions for both can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: FA's text parsing macros. -- Yak's Journal

Miles Marsalis

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This is pretty helpful. Thanks.