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Potential Plot Ideas For Those Who May Be Interested


Furry Trash
Hello. My name is Phoxphite, and I am making a new post to potentially look for new RP partners.

Currently I have two characters I want to use and some ideas for them, along with a couple other ideas that don't necessarily involve them, but something I wanted to do regardless.

One character is named Vispera, the other, a nameless jackal

Vispera Plots

A Contract For The Hitwolf
Vispera is a hitwolf. A mercenary, armed gun for hire. And quite good at it. His service is available. Do you wish to hire him, are you the one he's after, or are you caught up in his mission?

Nameless Jackal Plots

Summoning The Amalgamation
Someone has delved into some dark arts they probably shouldn't have, and now they have summoned an amalgamation of souls, now taking the form of a jackal with no name. What have you summoned him for? Did you even summon him, or did you get caught in this mess?

Saving Lives From Extreme Peril
One thing the jackal does is watch over the world and multiverse, watching to make sure the place he and many other call home is safe. As such, he keeps himself in top shape, growing stronger every day. Are you here to help him, or fight him? To spare or to destroy?

Unrelated Plots

The Strange Realm In The Afterlife
Congratulations! You're dead, and your local goddess of death has no idea where she should send you. So she decides to send her to one of her pocket dimensions. A strange little world seperated into a grassland with plains and forests, a sand desert, and a frozen wasteland. Each zone has different landmarks, and each zone has its own civilization and rules. But you can get out, if you can complete her quest. Do you accept her quest, or do you instead settle in this world, or simply explore it a little more?

The Chimera
Science has gone horribly wrong. They had just created an unstoppable chimera, and it had just became loose, wrecking havoc across the lab it was created in. Are you there to try to stop him, or has he already escaped and is making a hot pursuit to your town?


I'd mark some of these genres as action, adventure, and horror.

Use of your own characters is encouraged, and recommended. If you wish to discuss a different plot, please do so. I am open to other ideas. If you wish to something without a plot, slice of life stuff, that's fine too.

Hit me up if you're interested in any of this, or any different types of RP. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.