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Pottery artist for mid-May delivery


Former Motterator
Hello guys and gals and all in between.

I'm looking for someone to make some items for me that can be delivered by mid-May. Specifically, I am looking for glazed bowls and cups with non-anthro animal artwork motifs.

I'll be upfront: These items are for *resale* at conventions I am going to be dealing at, not for personal use. Because of this, I am amiable to negotiating rates and other options aside from direct purchasing.

If you need further information, feel free to post here or send me a note on FA (/user/summercat)

Bengaley Summercat
Henry Thiel


Former Motterator
so you want to pay people to make pottery goods, then sell their pottery goods??

Yup. Standard business arrangement when those who produce goods can't reach a market.