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Dragon draggin' feet
i wasn't even aware of the entire awful, evil bullshit law that's causing so many dating sites to be shut down until it was too late to even get my messages again(I'm not even out of the loop, I thought! I get swamped with all kindsa petitions, and emails about current legal nonsense going on, but never even heard of this garbage!). Sadly, as far as I knew, pounced was the only legit furry dating site and now it's gone:'( (the ones advertised on FA are sadly scam/BS sites). What are we furries to do now??? Are there any real furry dating sites up and running anywhere? What are they?


Well, we will most likely make another furry dating website in the near future. I don't know of any other dating sites specifically for furries, but in the meantime I suppose you could use other popular dating sites and social platforms if your looking for someone. I agree though, it sucks that Pounced wen't down.


Slow as sickness but true as sap
That's the issue isn't it? You created a dating site for a group of people who identity as animals and only seek to have sexual encounters with animals people, what could go wrong?

But really it doesn't surprise me, sites like that have always had disturbing stories, and events going down. Most of them just scams for money, and frankly it sounds like the furry fandom's calling card. Scams, trouble, nothing even closely related to helping find natural relationships. The fandom loves to create something in its own form to serve a need but all of these sites...are just so far fucking gone in all forms.

Of course I wish Inkbunny and SF weren't down for good, Bloody pedophile haven that shite is. What ever happened to people going outside normally to find or express interest in romantic partners or relationships?

Some Moron

Isn't there a convention? People to go those, right? Real people?


Thine Grumpy Resident
Adapt to the changing climate and move on, it's the best advice I can give.