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Power Unit fried its self


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So my power supply cooked its self last night and I need to get a new one. I need a atx 12v 20+4, (24 would be fine also, i just like the versitility on the former). I've been looking on newegg but power units aren't my forte. I run a higher end system and I want to get a quality product but not have to break my bank on it. So what are the better brands to consider?


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Corsair is generally pretty good for the money. The TX650W and TX750W units are almost always on sale, have a 5 year warranty, and are very solid. Don't be fooled by cheaper supplies with the same wattage - The rating is different between different manufacturers, and many will rate their supplies under only optimal conditions. Additionally, the Corsairs boast a very good 12V amperage rating, which means they can handle themselves exceptionally with high-end video cards.

Other good brands are PC Power & Cooling (absolutely excellent but pricey), Antec (sort of middle of the road), Seasonic (very good), and if you go by the warranty, Thermaltake (5 year warranty, very inexpensive, but not so solid as the others).


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I'm using a Corsair TX750w atm, and I fucking love it.

It's rock solid and has never let me down.


Pretty much all power supplies now-a-days are ATX 12v 20+4. I've used Antec Before and it seemed pretty stable. Right now I'm using a Xion 1000w, and have had no problems.

Generally, the brand doesn't matter too much, as long as it's gotten good reviews.