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Free Art: Practice and portfolio - closed


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Hi yall! I'm looking to get in some practice and fill out my portfolio of work. I may do anything from a sketch to a full finished piece if I'm feeling it! I'd love to be able to use some as portfolio/commission example pieces.
Here's what I've got up here so far if you want to take a look to decide~
Artwork Gallery for cerulean_blues -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Lamia girl

*hisssss* hello there
Hi there, care to try with a lamia?

I have others i csn send in a pm if you will to give her a try?


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I'd love to offer my Noodle Dragon, Misu, for you're consideration.

Misu on Toyhouse

Thanks for looking even if she doesn't interest you! Your work is really nice! +followed on FA! ^^


hey uhmm... think you can give mine a go?
5-E0-DF8-BC-7-E33-4589-A891-8246-A0-C86606.png clip2.png lS1opgg2.jpg
don't mind the oddly shaped legs much, and don't leave him naked :oops:
thanks for the chance :)

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
Hope I'm not too late for this. the character is a little weird, so I understand if you'd rather pass, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. thanks for the opportunity ^^
All my sona pics(disclaimer, there is vore here. just in case you'd rather not see that)
Additional pics that are better specific references:
1. (unshaded version)


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If I can still join in?

My power went out for almost 12 hours, so I only got here now!


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Will fly you around for hugs and pats
You still going with this?
If so could I put up my characters for consideration? The links for them are in my signature owo

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Can you draw my orca/dragon hybrid?
Her wing tips are blue. Her eyes are royal blue, pupils are dark purple and her iris is silver. Her body is silver and her belly is amethyst purple. My pfp DD9C9CE2-044C-47EA-84B3-81634657BF17.jpeg is a ref of what her species should look like.


Hi there!
Could you draw my OC Kam?
Thank you, Your art is lovely!!