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practice/boredom requests open

Pastel Gothine

ur local pastel goth
i just made this just for practice & to stop being lazy/bored

my deviantart: rainbowpaint15 on DeviantArt
my furaffinity: Userpage of pastelgothine -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

reddit req 1.png Barley.png Fa request 1.png


Chips ahoy
Looks like i am first in line :3
Would you like to draw Ruby?


  • sketch27518031_by_nintendofanda-dcau0rs.png
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8 foot fluffbutt
Hey Pastel, Um, after everyone else in line is done, would you like to draw Tyrro?
(He's kind of a tsundere despite the look of it XP)


Too depressed to talk. :(
Hiromi.jpg Hiromi2.png
Can you please draw my boy Hiromi? He's a Honshu wolf with brown fur and yellow eyes. the Kanji for his name is optional as well as the gun.
It will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Pastel Gothine

ur local pastel goth
Oh. I loves what you've done of her. It does work wonder!

Just that last i checked, i thought she was a two-tailed dragon. Maybe she just don't give any regard to what others may think. Best shirt ever.

Also, the color pattern reminds me of Cynder.. 's what you used?

i just made up the colors i was surprised when you mentioned that